Summer Sampler Week 9!

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through August. Kids are going back to school, harvesting has started and the summer heat continues. This week block uses a combination of large and small half square triangles to create this design. We are using some of the smaller half square triangles to create a larger triangle block. Next week we are going to be using part of this block in the block. 

Happy Sewing!

Week 9 cool vs warm


Summer Sampler Week 8!

Last week we learned how make quarter square triangles. This week we will be combing triangles from half square triangles and quarter square triangles together. Combining these triangles will create a pinwheel block. 

Since we are more than halfway through our sampler, I recommend checking your quarter inch seam allowance. A true quarter of an inch seam allowance is what is needed for the sampler blocks to make them come out correctly. If it has been a while since you changed your needle I would also put a new one in. 

Next week we will continue on combining quarter square and half square triangles to create a patchwork block. 

Happy sewing!


Summer Sampler Week 7!

With our weather being in the triple digits this week I am glad for the opportunity to sit inside and make this week’s block. The last couple of weeks we have been making four patches, half square triangles, pinwheels and flying geese blocks. Today we are adding to our sewing skills and we are making quarter square triangle bocks. While these triangles can be pretty easy to put together, I have been known to use my seam ripper because I have switched the triangles around when sewing and ended up with the colors in the wrong spot. So this is your reminder to double check which way you are sewing before you actually start piecing.

Quick reminder is that this weekend is our Holiday Open House. Visit both of our locations to see what is new for the fall and winter in fabric, kits, embroidery, classes, etc. Each store will have different items on display. 

Next week along with the next block I will show two different setting options using the sampler blocks. 

Happy Sewing!


Week 7 Warm vs Cool

Summer Sampler Week 6!

This week we are back to making half square triangles but we are incorporating a pinwheel design. The most challenging part about this block is making sure that the half square triangles are laid out in the correct order to get the secondary pinwheel design. This block is fun in the 8” size but would also look lovely as a bigger or smaller version. There are lots of design possibilities. 

We are about half way through our Summer Sampler series. We will be debuting two finishing options for our sampler at our Holiday Open House, August 5 & 6. Finishing kits will be available and we will also show other options and ideas in Week 13.  If you can’t make it to see in person don’t worry, I will be showing the two finishing options during Week #8.

Next week we will be learning how to make quarter square triangles.