Summer sampler week 2!

This week we are making several four patches and combining them to make a bigger block. You will want to pay attention to how the blocks are laid out to get a secondary design. This is a great block that you can make multiples of and put into a separate quilt. If you are just now joining us, not to worry we still have kits available. In the video, Laura, will also talk about a different way of making the smaller four patch units.

Happy stitching!

Look what we did last week!

Summer Sampler! -Block of the Week-

Happy Summer!

Today we are kicking off our 2022 Summer Sampler Block of the Week!

Each week, for the next 12 weeks, we will be posting a quilt block pattern. All levels of sewing abilities will be able to make these blocks. Each week we will be building our skills from the previous week. By the end of the 12 weeks, you should have 12 blocks. On week 13, I will be showing off different ways to set your blocks or do something with them. The blocks will be a finished 8” block. 

We have kits available in warm and cool colorways and the kits are pre-cut for you! The nice thing is that this is not a huge time commitment. Most of the blocks can be made in less than an hour especially if you have a kit. Stephanie has also created an option for you to make the blocks in the embroidery machine. There will be a small fee for the design. 

As an added bonus, I will do a video each week showing you how to make the block. We hope you have fun sewing along with us this summer!

Notion Review~ Iron Off~

Last week when I was making some purses and using my press to put fusible interfacing onto my fabric I realized how gross my press has gotten. I’ll be honest I should have cleaned it long ago but I’m always focused on my project when I think about it and it never ends up getting done. This time while I was pressing, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how well Iron Off can work against years of stuck-on adhesive!



I’m going to have to call this a win! Did it get all of it off? No. It got off more than I expected though! This stuff has been heated onto the press with max heat for years! I was half expecting the Iron Off to remove the newest of the gunk, but not to touch the old stuff.

I imagine if you are keeping up on your iron cleaning, Iron Off will help keep your iron looking brand new for years!

Watch our youtube video here!

Shop Iron Off here!

Canvas Fabric~

One of my goals this year was to branch out of my cotton fabric world. We carry a wide
variety of fabrics at our Boise store and I wanted to become more familiar with the
different types.
For January, I decided that I would use canvas fabric in a different way. Canvas fabric
is great for making bags and totes. It is still a cotton fabric but it is a little bit heavier. I
have also seen it used in garments as well. Being a quilter first I went to my comfort
zone and used canvas to back a quilt.
Now, I am not talking about a super-heavy canvas but a nice light to medium weight
canvas. The quilt I backed it with is a small throw quilt featuring beach-themed fabric.
When I thought about the times I have gone to the beach, I usually have a blanket to sit
on in the sand. I wanted something that would be easy to brush off the sand and not
have the sand stick to it. I love how it turned out (see pictures below)! It was so easy to
quilt with and I didn’t have any issues. I did use a thin cotton batting in between the
cotton top and the canvas backing. I definitely would use canvas again for the backing of
a quilt. It would work well for a picnic blanket too!

Sewing Room Cleanup ~Part 1

We made it through the holiday season. Projects were finished and now our sewing
space looks like a tornado went through it. Or maybe it isn’t so bad for you but you just want
things to be organized again or even just a better organization than before. Over the next
couple of weeks, I will be sharing some hints and tricks to get your sewing space back to a
usable and easy-to-find items space.
Getting started is one of the hardest parts of cleaning up because it is so easy to get
overwhelmed. This time around I decided to take “before” pictures. This allows me to look
back and see what I accomplished. Sometimes it takes knowing that even though I just did a
little today but I can already see I made some difference helps. When I took the photos it was
hard to not try and make it look cleaner than it really was (mostly because I knew that I was
going to be sharing the photos and hoping that I wouldn’t be judged too hard). The holiday
season is rough for me. I am working on a million things at one time and trying to get all the
deadlines finished. I literally had a path to my cutting table and that is it.

There is it in its full glory. My sewing space is a mess. It is not going to be fixed all in
one day and it is a process. No one should feel bad about the mess they have. We all have it to
some degree. Fear not! I will help give tips to make it organized.
Let’s get started! You are going to need a couple of boxes or bins. We are going to label
them yardage, scraps, fat quarters, notions, books/patterns, projects, donate and trash. I
originally had other labels but as I started I realized that these work better. The next thing to do
is to start in one spot. I started with my cutting table because I could then use the space as I
cleaned other areas to organize.
As stuff came off the cutting table I sorted it into the different bins. Now, I did not go
through the bins yet. I just wanted to have a clean space to sort and go through. If there was a
project I did try to keep all the pieces together along with the pattern. I did not separate that
pattern or book from it.
You can put most things in the other boxes and as you go through you might move
things to the donate and trash so don’t stress about it.
The goal for the week is to take before pictures and clear off one section by separating
things into piles.
Next week we are going to go through what we separated and start organizing and
putting away before we tackle the next area. If you want to share your before pictures we
would love to see them! Remember there are no judgements!

Happy Sewing