Here’s to 2023!

Another year has flown by and it already feels like 2023 is picking up speed. This
year I decided that I wasn’t going to do the same resolutions that I do every year. This is
the year for making changes and focusing on the things that bring us joy.
My coworker, Rachel, reminded me that I didn’t really finish my new year’s
resolutions from last year. So, no resolutions, just suggestions on how to make
this year better. I don’t really have an idea of what I want the new year to bring right at
the beginning of the year. I have some thoughts, ideas, and wishes but they never seem
to formulate until mid-month.
My sewing room always seems to be something that I want to work on each year.
It is the room that can bring me joy and also stress me out depending on what it looks
like. Besides just picking up the mess that has accumulated throughout the holiday dash
(October-December for me) I needed to think about how my space works for me. This
past year, I realized that I never seemed to sew in my room except for a handful of
times. I want to change that this year.

Finishing the old to enjoy the new is something else I want to focus on. I, like the
majority of you, have unfinished projects and fabric sitting on the shelf just waiting to be
used. I also have a problem with new projects. I love to start something new. It brings
me joy and I like to work on them until I get bored. (Things usually get finished when I
have a deadline.) But the weight and anxiety that my unfinished projects cause me
doesn’t make me want to start sewing. However, I can’t keep pushing them off. So we
are going to find a way to do both.
I have a couple of other things I want to work on this year but I will share them in
future posts.
So, I urge you to take this journey with me. In these next few posts, I am going to
share my journey to have a better sewing room, have a little bit less clutter in my life,
work on projects old and new, and try new things.

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!
– Laura


Summer Sampler week 13!

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of our Summer Sampler series. With fall starting next week, the temperature has finally started to drop here. So, you have made 12 blocks (or currently working on your blocks) and now what do you do? The real questions is what do you want to make out of them. Do you use all the blocks together? Do you make more to give you more blocks to work with? If you did both color ways do you combine them together? All of the above?

To answer all the questions…we are having a special Live with Laura on Saturday. Saturday morning at 9:15am Laura is going to show off the different ways she finished her blocks as well as give suggestions on what else you can do with your blocks. 

Since Laura has been buried under event stuff the last 2 weeks she will do a video today on how to make the blocks from the last 2 weeks. She will also talk about what else we need to do with our blocks before putting them in something.

This week we need to measure all our blocks and trim them so they are the same size. If you have never trimmed blocks before be sure to watch the video to see how to do it. All the blocks should be an unfinished 8.5” square so they finish at 8”. If they don’t, that’s ok just make sure they are all the same size. 

We would love to see your finished Summer Sampler project! If you are on social media please tag us at @idahosewing on Instagram or @Idahosewingandvacuum on Facebook and use the hashtag #idsewvacsummersampler . 

So mark your calendars and set your alarms to watch Laura on Saturday! 

Happy Sewing!


Summer Sampler Week 12!

This is our last block of our Summer Sampler. We have one more week of our Summer sampler series where we will discuss different finishing options for your blocks. This block can be made different ways but we made it so we used a variety of different triangles to create this pinwheel block. The center pinwheel design is inside of a modified square in a square type of design. The layout of the triangles is what we want to pay attention to when we assemble the block. Be sure to check back next week to see different ways to put your blocks together. 

Happy Sewing!


Summer Sampler Week 11!

This week we will be half square triangles to create the block. The layout of the pieces and their directions is what is going to make our brains work a little bit more. The piecing of the triangles is not difficult. Color value and the distribution of the fabrics gives the design for the block. 

Just a quick reminder, we will be closed for Labor Day weekend, September 3-5, so we can spend time with our families. We will reopen on Tuesday, September 6 at 9am. 

Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend!