Week #2 Cozy Cabin Sew Along~ Cutting

Pull out your rotary cutter and your AccuQuilt cutter if you have one and let’s get
started! If you have an AccuQuilt Cutter there is some rotary cutting you will need to do but I
will give which dies will help speed up the process. Strip dies are going to be a game changer.
If you have a wide selection of strip dies you will be set. If you only have a couple of strip dies
these are the ones that I would have for this quilt: 2.5” strip, 1.5” strip, and a 4.5” strip. There
are other strip dies that will work well with this pattern but those three are the most used.
Before I start cutting I would recommend having labels and ziplock bags. Taking the
time to label your pieces and separate your pieces into the different blocks it will save you so
much time later on! I know this can be boring and seem tedious but it will make the next
coming weeks easy.

I start with one fabric at a time. Before cutting, I press my fabric and starch. The starch
helps create crisp cuts. I don’t prewash my fabric but if you do the starch will help get out any
wrinkles. If you bought a kit I don’t recommend pre-washing because it could change the
amount of fabric you have. The kit has high quality fabric and it has very little shrinkage or

You can do a cutting marathon if you want to do it all at once. I currently don’t have a
lot of extra time so for me, I cut a color or two at a time. A new blade in your rotary cutter will
also make this process easier.

If you have an AccuQuilt Cutter, I would use the strip dies to cut your WOF and then cut
down to the rectangles and squares. When you are cutting the Fabric #1- R squares cut 12 of
them as squares. You can also cut these squares using Die #2 from the 8” Qube. Take die #5
from the 8” Qube and cut 46 of the half square triangles. We will be using those in the Tree
Blocks. You will need to cut 4 more triangles for the House blocks. For the 6- 3.5” squares of
Fabric #1, you can use the 6” Qube die #3 to cut 6 triangles. For the ornament blocks, instead
of cutting 2 squares (DB) of Fabric 3 and Fabric 5. You can use the 4” Qube die #5 and cut 4
triangles of each color. For fabric #3 and fabric #9 instead of cutting squares for BR use die #5
from the 6” Qube. Cut 4 triangles from each fabric. From fabric #2, #3, and #1 instead of
cutting 3” squares cut 10 triangles of Fabric #2, 8 triangles of Fabric #3 and 2 triangles of
Fabric #1 using the #5 die from the 8” Qube.

Please post of picture of your cut pieces using the hashtag #idsewcozycabin for a
chance to win a charm pack. Next week we will begin sewing the first row of this quilt!

Susan Chatfield is our winner of our week #1 prize!

Happy sewing!

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