~Fun summer project with Terry cloth!~

A couple of months ago, I was in a sewing funk and just needed something that would be quick and easy and finish-able. While I like to make quilts, according to my family, I have lots of quilt tops and do I really need another quilt? (for me the answer is always yes but not everyone does). In this project, I was able to make a quick and easy quilt top and turned it into a fun summer beach towel using Terry cloth for a backing. 

I used the Florida Beach Towel pattern from Ruby Star Society and modified it to use a strip bundle instead of fat eighth bundle. I love using Tula Pink fabric because it makes me happy and her collection, Daydreamer, seemed like the perfect beach towel fabric. The great thing about this project is that is was strips and the hardest part was me figuring out the order I wanted to put them in. 

One Strip Set

You make two strip sets and then sew them together. Your quilt top is finished.

Finished Quilt Top

If you wanted to turn this into a quilt you could but I wanted to do something different. At our Boise store, we have this fantastic feeling Terry cloth and that is what I put for the back. The Terry cloth was wide enough that I didn’t have to piece it. I suppose you could use an already made towel just be sure that the hem from the towel doesn’t get in your way. 

I quilted my top to the Terry cloth using a fun overall design that I had been wanting to try out. There is no batting in-between because it is a towel. I used So Fine thread in my bobbin and Isacord thread on top. I did not have to make any adjustments to my tension (you might have to so just check before you quilt the whole thing). After quilting, I trimmed it and machine bound it. I did machine binding because as a towel it is going to get washed. 

I now have a unique towel that I can easily spot at the pool, beach or lake! The ease of using Terry cloth and simple but effective way of using a strip bundle makes me want to make more! (Several pictures of the finished project- take your pick, do a couple, and be sure to include one that showed of the Terry cloth on the back).

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