Canvas Fabric~

One of my goals this year was to branch out of my cotton fabric world. We carry a wide
variety of fabrics at our Boise store and I wanted to become more familiar with the
different types.
For January, I decided that I would use canvas fabric in a different way. Canvas fabric
is great for making bags and totes. It is still a cotton fabric but it is a little bit heavier. I
have also seen it used in garments as well. Being a quilter first I went to my comfort
zone and used canvas to back a quilt.
Now, I am not talking about a super-heavy canvas but a nice light to medium weight
canvas. The quilt I backed it with is a small throw quilt featuring beach-themed fabric.
When I thought about the times I have gone to the beach, I usually have a blanket to sit
on in the sand. I wanted something that would be easy to brush off the sand and not
have the sand stick to it. I love how it turned out (see pictures below)! It was so easy to
quilt with and I didn’t have any issues. I did use a thin cotton batting in between the
cotton top and the canvas backing. I definitely would use canvas again for the backing of
a quilt. It would work well for a picnic blanket too!

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