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Notion Review~ Iron Off~

Last week when I was making some purses and using my press to put fusible interfacing onto my fabric I realized how gross my press has gotten. I’ll be honest I should have cleaned it long ago but I’m always focused on my project when I think about it and it never ends up getting done. This time while I was pressing, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how well Iron Off can work against years of stuck-on adhesive!



I’m going to have to call this a win! Did it get all of it off? No. It got off more than I expected though! This stuff has been heated onto the press with max heat for years! I was half expecting the Iron Off to remove the newest of the gunk, but not to touch the old stuff.

I imagine if you are keeping up on your iron cleaning, Iron Off will help keep your iron looking brand new for years!

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